Episode Summary

Meet Andrew Stein, president & CEO of Children’s Foundation, an organization focused on improving children's physical and mental health through innovative programs and research. Andrew joined The Foundation in January 2023, inspired by the mission to create equitable opportunities for all children in Michigan. Andrew’s career has always been centered around children. Before joining The Foundation, he spent 14 years with City Year, where he held various leadership roles, including Executive Director of City Year Detroit, significantly expanding the organization’s reach. In this special episode, filmed at the Michigan Central Campus at the Book Depository, next to the iconic Michigan Central Train Station, we discuss: *The Transformation of Michigan Central Campus: “This incredible renovation represents the future of Detroit, a symbol of progress and innovation.” *Connecting The Children’s Foundation with Michigan Central: “The Michigan Central Children’s Endowment Initiative is a testament to our commitment, aiming to exceed our $10 million goal to support organizations serving kids.” *Creating Networks and Leading a Nonprofit: “You never know what opportunities will reveal themselves when you put yourself in the right rooms. Leading a nonprofit means selling impact, value, and a different kind of return—one that goes beyond business ROI. It takes authenticity and trust to build these connections.”