Episode Summary

Meet Dr. Ammar Alkhafaji, Principal at W Investors Group and an Internal Medicine Resident. W Investors Group is a fully integrated real estate group specializing in development, property management, and realty services. Dr. Ammar shares his journey growing up in an entrepreneurial family, balancing his career in medicine with real estate, and overcoming rejection to find alternative paths to success. Alkhafaji, who was named principal of W Investors Group in 2018, grew up fascinated by real estate as his father built his company and portfolio to more than 1 million square feet. With the mission of building the best quality projects, moving quickly and decisively to close deals and move projects forward to completion, W Investors Group assures delivery of exceptional results time and time again. In this episode we talk about: * Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, “ Growing up with his influence and him being my role model was a true blessing for me.” * Balancing medicine and real estate, “It's not about being the smartest person in the room. It's just about putting in the time and the effort.” * Overcoming rejection and finding alternative paths, “don't be put down by rejection. There's always another way. The struggle helped me grow as a person.”